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Fortress ONE is an interactive services and data platform used by over 130 of the world’s leading sports teams to deliver the best in fan experience. It powers the services that enable teams to identify and understand who their fans are and maximize the value of their engagement.

Fortress ONE has transformed how stadiums and venues operate, has given teams real access to their data and has built new revenue streams across game day and commercial activities.

  • Enable fans to earn rewards from their participation with your brand. Turn each point of customer engagement into a potential source of rich value to each fan. Reward with experiences, live campaigns, upgrades,
    discounts, and rich media content.
  • Turn 30 days of sport into 365 days of engagement – hook in ticketing, attendance, concessions, merchandise, digital, interactive games, social and even sponsors and commercial partners.
  • Fans can access rewards 24/7 through a powerful mobile optimized portal, built to engage and wow.
  • Stored value, loaded tickets, cash-back incentives, variable discounts can now all be delivered in real time, through our powerful payment platform.
  • Proven to drive spend and satisfaction as part of an overall loyalty and rewards strategy.
  • Extend the range of the payment program with our new Merchant Connect facility – a powerful add on to our platform that hooks in your commercial sponsors, partners and local merchants. Now Fans can benefit from
    their day-to-day spend and you can tap into a rich new source of data and revenues.
  • Knowing who is in your stadium and understanding the complete chain of custody of any ticket is key to building a valuable database of fans and providing the best in game day experience.
  • Fortress Access components is the highly proven and robust access solution used by many of the worlds leading venues – with specific solutions for general admission, secondary, VIP and suite access.
  • Known as the leading innovator in contactless RFID & mobile ticketing, today Fortress is pushing the boundaries of digital identify even further as the world moves to NFC and biometric technology.
  • Understand and target your fans with personalized content, rewards, incentives and services.
  • Data is valuable if it can be applied to business questions. Our platform is designed for Sports Teams – it focuses on delivering precise insight that can support your business growth across all customer
  • Discover your fans.


The Fortress ONE platform is integrated with some of the industries leading business systems to bring a unified view of the customer and to enhance the service that we all provide.